Barbara Cuerden

Bozica Radjenovic

Cynthia O' Brien*

Jenny McMaster

Karina Kraenzle*

Lisa Creskey

Michael Ashley

Tami Galili Ellis*

*Board of Directors

Blink Gallery is a non-profit collective supporting professional contemporary artists from the Ottawa region. Located across from the National Gallery, it occupies "Header House," which was originally a containment space for the explosives used in the cannons on Parliament Hill.

The gallery now houses the energies of a group of artists who prefer to use the site as a laboratory for creative approaches and interventions into multiple art "spaces" both inside and outside of the gallery. BLINK is a small space for generating big ideas. The National Capital Commission generously helps to accommodate our community driven aspirations.

Blink's Board of Directors is comprised of the following members:
President: Tami Galili Ellis
Vice-president: Karina Kraenzle
Treasurer: Cynthia O'Brien
Secretary: Jean Jewer

Blink Gallery gratefully acknowledges the support of: City of Ottawa and Ontario Arts Council



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