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Adult Message vs Escorts

 Life does have moments that are stressing. Many people like to relax in a special way with an adult massage. Beautiful willing are willing to rub down men for men. Women also work as escorts accompanying these men to events and maybe even a little more afterwards. While both professions aim to please their clients there are some difference between adult massages and escorting.


adult massage

When a person gets for an adult massage there is more to it then just the physical sensations and touching. The masseuse sets mood with candle, soft music, and other things that will make the client relaxed. They are then rubbed with oil and every one of the muscles in the body receives pleasure. There may be more touching if that is what the clients wants. Many people do not think of this as cheating but rather a form of therapy. There is not rush for the massage and the person is not pressured to finish right away.
Escorting is viewed in a different manner. While the adult massage business is viewed in a positive light escorting is seen as negative. Escorts have an reputation for being fancy prostitutes and getting paid for sex. Many people who use the service of an escort expect the night to end with sex. In addition to spending the night with the client the escort may also go with them to special events. Sometimes a person especially men of status are looking for beautiful women to go out with them to business functions and corporate parties. They may chose a young and attractive escort instead of their wife or girlfriend. With an escort there is a higher level of communication.
When on a date or at an event the escort an their client have to speak to each other and act like a couple for the time they are there. In most cases both the escort and the client know the night is going to end in sex. If the escort is paid by the hour there is more pressure on the client to finish and they may not get to enjoy the experience as much. Spending time with an escort is considered cheating by many and will not go over well with a significant other. While there are differences between getting and adult massage and hiring the services of an escort both end up with the client feeling pleasure and are considered to be a form of relaxation.